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What to Write when you don't Know What to Write

It has been a hazy couple of years, and like a dripping faucet, the energy I usually derive from putting my thoughts into words have leaked away into the great unknown. What joy is there in sharing my most intimate thoughts with complete strangers? Is there a point to us humans just curious about what is going on in other people’s lives? No matter the color of your skin, or the society that produced you, connection, not isolation is woven into our DNA, and we thrive or otherwise in direct proportion to the quality of our association, or more specifically, the people closest to us, the people we spend majority of our time with. Like sponges, we gradually absorb the mannerisms, behaviors, and biases of the people closest to us, and like perfect mirrors, reflect the same with near perfection. Take a good look at your closest associates today, and ask yourself if you can achieve your life goals with the same set of minds. While it is not black and white, you can begin by making small

The Spark

At this point, I should give you a bit of background information into how I got to that point. My earliest memory of getting interested in technology was early 1993 and I had just witnessed my dad bring out a huge device out of our stereo system. I was so upset I began to cry, telling him how he has damaged the equipment (I loved listening to the radio), unfazed, he coupled the stereo as it was and turned it on. My bewilderment turned into amazement as the radio crackled back to life. Stupefied, I asked him, what happened?  How could it continue to work after removing such a huge thing from inside it. It was the rotor (motor) that was bad, and that is why it stopped playing cassettes, but the radio part was untouched. From that day, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life (not so much repairing stereos, but learning the inner workings of electronics and much later, computers). Fast forward another 5 years to late 1998, I was so dissatisfied with not being able

Highly Indebted

There is no self-made human being anywhere, we are all products of the people in our lives, a reflection of who they are. More often than not, we turn out just like the people closest to us, and we perpetuate or if at all possible, re-invent ourselves to chart a new course. I would like to appreciate some of those people who shared their knowledge with me. Sometime in December of the year 2000, my friend Bukola had told the class to expect someone who would come to teach us some science subjects after closing hours. I couldn't have imagined that the trajectory of my life would be altered forever. He sauntered in about a full-hour behind schedule, said simply "my name is Franklyn Eze, you can call me FRC" and after apologizing asked the about a dozen of us left in the class the question "what makes tomato red?" I was taken aback, not only because it had never crossed my mind, but because I had been asked by someone who was about the same age as me or a co