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Growing Up in the 90s

I remember rapping in primary school for uncle Sola, my teacher who also raps. We would rap together and he would let me have the second verse after he took the first verse. Somehow, we would rehearse every day during break time and sometimes after school hours. It got to a point he told me that if I practiced and got so good, he would take me to the United States of America. I was about nine years old then and I believed him. I remember getting home all excited and telling  my parents that uncle Sola was going to take me to the United States of America because we rap together. I don't remember what response they gave then, but I think I remember they shrug and the concern in their face, a deep desire for it to be true, even though they knew it was a bucket load of crapware.  What did I know? I was just a kid who didn't know what puberty was yet and grew up on the outskirts of Lagos. In those days, the only bank I had ever been in was LBIC and I remember queuein