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Something we all shy away from, well at least most of us do, but we secretly crave it and would do anything to get it. As with everything on earth, it comes with both good and not so good sides. Once you break into the spotlight, center of attention, even if it is for twenty-four hours, you have gone down into the history books and your every move becomes an interest to everyone around you.  Then you have media houses like hawks hovering above your life, waiting for a slip up from you so they can sell their stories through their papers, ads, or whatever their means of transmission.  While you may be oblivious to the consequences or the burden that accompanies fame, it is in your best interest to look beyond the popularity and perks that it alluringly promises, the responsibilities are equal and can sometimes outweigh what you stand to gain from becoming famous. Also, you should have in mind why exactly you want to be in the spotlight, so that when the time (your time) comes,