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Breaking News

My heart breaks when we seem not to care about what happens immediately after a tragedy. We have a knack for wanting to be the first to ‘break’ the news, the drive erodes our sensibilities and we post words, photos or videos we regret later on. If we had our heads screwed on properly, and our faculties are in good working order, we will empathize with the families of victims and allow the appropriate authorities to break the gut-wrenching news of the loss of their loved ones. We need to exercise restraint when we are faced with very sensitive information and consider the lives that would be potentially altered drastically as a result of what you know. Also, it is highly insensitive, grossly irresponsible and reeks of utter disregard for the feelings of the affected families, when we keep posting and reposting gory photos of mangled, dismembered and charred human remains on social media outlets after the tragic events have occurred. Let the dead rest and circu

Falling Out of Love

It is very easy for me to change my mind, based on prevailing circumstances, so as to minimize exposure/vulnerability. However, it appears He is always in love with me and all the junk I have allowed into the room of my heart have blocked the ray of God's love from illuminating my heart and thus, the warmth I have been accustomed to is glaringly missing, hence, the gloom, depression, constant feeling of loneliness and lone-ranger attitude while maintaining the outward appearance of keeping it together all the while feeling like crap every day. Someone said “loneliness is not a loss of someone, but a loss of direction and vision for your life” I  couldn't  have put it better myself, we are usually tunnel-vision-minded that we pay so much attention to the physical that we ignore the most important and yet invisible parts of our lives. A saying goes thus “the most important things in life are free”, and while you may find reasons to dispute it, the fact remains, you can’t s

When Determination Fails

The proverbial moment of decision on which the real purpose of the whole story hinges on is here in this chapter of the story. All I have learned prior are turning out to be more than was summarized in those books. Looking back now, I think I would have rubbed minds directly with the authors to have a firsthand knowledge of what they went through, how they held on (if they did) who/what changed their minds and convinced them to stay the course, plus, when did it all change and when did they notice it? I know I have written in earlier times that I have reached the lowest ebb, but the definition keeps getting redefined for me and the record keeps being broken by none other than yours truly. For years, I have pride myself in my ability to choose to do something and stick with it, unwavering. Of late, it seems every decision I have ever made is being revisited and my determination does not seem to be able to help, it may be nothing, but no, it is definitely everything. If my dete