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Man In New Dimension Series (BRAIN, MIND & CONSCIENCE)

So, you know how you have always wanted to write a book but never got around to writing it? Well, this is one of those things you write instead. It is a very hard thing to sit, organize your thoughts, research, and dig/maneuver through billions of memory units in your brain to find the best-fit scenarios to drive home your point. When you are doing something worthwhile and requires using your mind, time is irrelevant but it sure does move slowly simply because you are engaged in tasks more grueling than physical laborers who earn wages. Your brain uses up more energy than most of your daily activities combined. Your brain is physical and can be seen (via scan while you’re alive, via touch when you’re dead and taken for autopsy) but your mind is invisible. Occasionally, we would point to our head when referring to our mind, technically, that may not be correct, but hey, who cares where it is, as long as it works. Then there is what we call heart (not the muscle) or conscience,