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Rushing to Nolandia

Where are you going in such a hurry? That is the question I keep asking myself anytime someone walks past me on the pedestrian bridge. Those who use the bridge (yes, there are some folks who believe it is too much work) know that it is just wide enough to accommodate two people, in opposite directions. It seems some individuals always have emergencies, and do not have time to wait a couple of seconds. If the above is a bit vague, why do we rev our engines when we have seen that there is a traffic light ahead and its is already on amber, a precursor to the dreaded red light? Why do we become aggressive when we see a learner driving in front of us in traffic? Why do we honk our horns when the car ahead of us does not start in time when the light goes green? The truth is that we do not know exactly why we are impatient, there is nothing really that our impatience does to speed up the process (especially when it is caused by others). Sometimes, our impatience brings out o