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Memoir: Paul Marcus 1

I woke up in the morning and as if on cue, my digital surround home theatre system plays my favorite selection of gospel classics, enter the bathroom cum toilet with Jacuzzi for a personal hygiene session; my closet holds my sportswear and my iPod ready for a wonderful time of cycling because it is a Saturday! As I cycle out of my garage door, I couldn't help but appreciate God's grace in the procurement of the twin duplex my wife and I now live in. As I cycle away, the valley unfolded before me like a carpet. Despite my earphones, I could hear the birds singing praises to God at the top of their tiny lungs. The plants are not taking it lying low either because their flowers are in full bloom and their leaves moving rhythmically with the cool and gentle mountain morning breeze. Oh the freshness of the morning! I take a deep breath and hold it for as long as I could. It’s a much needed break from the smoke, dust, and exhaust gases from automobiles, generators and factories of the city. Oh that this moment will last forever.
Nay, life must continue and I must not remain stagnant. A sharp contrasting odor to the woods jerked me back from my fantasyland and it took me but a few seconds to realize it was the salt air from the sea, as I cleared the last line of trees, the ocean came into view. I parked my bike and stood by the shoreline. The old trick came into play again as the water and the clouds appear to be no more than a couple of meters from each other. The clouds appear to be animated versions from video games and the whole experience causes my eyes to turn misty. A high-pitched tone jerked me from my fantasy—my mobile phone, and it can only be one person—my wife; and indeed it was her just waking up and wondering where I have been. I couldn't believe that it’s been three hours already since I left home. Now it’s time to return but my return route is three miles which brings my total sojourn to five miles. I look forward to a delicious breakfast with my wife and a very intimate one at that; know what I mean don't you? I bet you do!
Then I look forward to finding out what’s trending on twitter and much later join the guys for the big football match in the English Premier League- Chelsea vs. Arsenal. This has been a very interesting memoir-writing time for me; I look forward to us doing it again sometime. As I cycle closer to home, I was greeted by the chaotic sight of the hustling and bustling of city life, various colours of smoke mixed with dust and layered with the endless cacophony of unpleasant sounds from generators, sirens, horns, trains and humans. When I think of where I am coming from, I cannot help but thank the creator for making sanctuaries that would ensure we keep our sanity. Finally, my house is in view and I reflect on what I have achieved with today's expedition. Snapping out of my reverie, I saw my wife on the porch and I knew that am gonna get it this morning. Next time I will be more conscious about time. Thank you for your time, please return for the next edition of this memoir sometime in the future.


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