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City of Flying Helmets

When I first wrote the script about the helmet wars, I left a cliff-hanger. Well, here is the concluding part. Two years into the helmet wars, we are almost back to square one. I cannot say for certain how many lives have been saved as a result of the usage of crash helmets, but one thing is certain, the authorities that are supposed to enforce the law have since turned it into another source of income. Riders who do not wear or even possess crash helmets are supposed to have their motorcycles seized, but for a token (bribe), they escape the arm of the law (at least until the next police officer 'catches' them) and the cycle continues. Being a superstitious environment, some passengers don't wear helmets because there have been rumors of people disappearing as soon as they adorn the crash helmet. Hence, it is not uncommon to see individuals holding the crash helmet a couple of inches from their head; which is supposed to be a dumb attempt to fool the authorities. W

Memoir: Paul Marcus 1

I woke up in the morning and as if on cue, my digital surround home theatre system plays my favorite selection of gospel classics, enter the bathroom cum toilet with Jacuzzi for a personal hygiene session; my closet holds my sportswear and my iPod ready for a wonderful time of cycling because it is a Saturday! As I cycle out of my garage door, I couldn't help but appreciate God's grace in the procurement of the twin duplex my wife and I now live in. As I cycle away, the valley unfolded before me like a carpet. Despite my earphones, I could hear the birds singing praises to God at the top of their tiny lungs. The plants are not taking it lying low either because their flowers are in full bloom and their leaves moving rhythmically with the cool and gentle mountain morning breeze. Oh the freshness of the morning! I take a deep breath and hold it for as long as I could. It’s a much needed break from the smoke, dust, and exhaust gases from automobiles, generators and factories o

LIF101 Quotes

*We do NOT See people the way they are, we See them the way we ARE. Our past distorts our outlook to Life, let go of the hurts. *Ultimately, revenge leaves the avenger worse off than the initial wrong that was meted out. Learn to let go, for your own good. *When everyone around you seems to be doing or saying the wrong things and is irritating, check your attitude. It may be stinking. *Your predominant thoughts will ultimately become your reality, so, why not engage productive thinking and be better off later on. *We are social beings and our success is defined by how much we help the people around us succeed. *We all have our place in this world; don't let anyone trivialize your role. None is more important than the other, puzzle pieces we. *What happened to you is not news, it has happened to others before; how you happened to it is news because it’s unique. *While some are pilots, some are aeronautical engineers. People see the pilot but forget the man behind t


A plane without a compass is destined for the mountains to be doomed, likewise a ship without a lighthouse is destined for the rocks and a ship without a compass will only sail in circles, subjected to the elements and will not get anywhere. The purpose of an airplane is to fly, a ship is to float on water, a car is to travel on the ground, a train is made to move on its rail. A space shuttle is designed to move out of the earth’s orbit, a chair is made for sitting, a pen is meant for writing, the nose is made for breathing, and the legs are made for walking. All the above examples have simple yet defined purposes. Trying to go or do otherwise i.e. contrary to their design will always spell frustration. When we don’t know why we are created, we can afford to sit and do nothing. Someone said, ‘when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable’. When we are going anywhere, any road will take us there. The only person who can best describe what a particular thing is made for is the man

Original Poem: Irony of Memory

Not all that is said, Is understood by humans. For down in our dens, We try to store it all up here. Not for anything but to tell the story, And at the end of it all, It causes some to fall. While for a few others, It is less of a bother.

Original Poem: Irony of Words

Everybody has something to say, Sadly, some will go astray. The ones that affect us, Will all come in our mouth bus. Usually there is no restraint, But normally brings complaint. All we are and all we will ever be, Will be determined by the ones we allow to be.

Original Poem: Stars

Stars are seen at night, Seeing one during the day is a sight. If not for anything but their light, They make men see their plight. Once they appear in flight, But in reality show their might. Their nature is glowing bright, They tend to make men choose right.

Desire Attracts Opportunities

Opportunities abound everywhere, every time, every how and in everything. We only have to open our eyes and see them. When you desire a thing, it is the utmost in your thoughts, it speaks to your sub-conscious mins and it reflects in your actions and your outward appearance. This desire open your eyes to the relevant opportunities and when you take hold of those opportunities, the result is success. When you desire a thing, you eyes will be tuned to see the opportunities, and it is left for you to either rise to the occasion  or sit back and let them slip by. When God stopped creation, He looked at what He has created and saw that it was very good; including opportunities. You have prayed long enough, it is time to pay! God has created all the opportunities you will ever need, all you need to do is pay the price. The Price is Desire! You only have to desire it first, it must be in your thoughts before God can put it in your hands. After you have desired and you have seen the opportu

Original Poem: Ironies

As the wind blows, And the stream flows, Likewise men grow, As they go 'to and fro' As time invested goes, So is time spent as foes. For as they forever go, The earth will irreversibly grow. Down, the time will always count, Up, the ages of men mount He came through labor, Only to obtain favor. Quickly he grew, Even as time flew. Then by the way, He has to pay. For as men passed by, They always said goodbye The ripples spread, Like the spread on bread. Growing as they go, Not forgetting they have to go. From the center they increase, From the extreme they decrease. With a disturbance they take-off, Without which we won't know thereof

Original Poem: The Wind

As the wind blows, We see its flow. Going everywhere it seems, "It gets nowhere" we think. To and fro it reaches, Grass and trees it breaches. Its has tremendous power, those who fight it end up with rags.

Original Poem: Me

Responsible for all my problems, And my good fortunes too. I am the one and only me, I have a unique stuff that belongs to no one else. And because I am the only else, I will give what I have, So that others will benefit on my behalf. I know that I am only a traveler, And I will be returning home soon.

Original Poem: Childhood

It comes and goes in a flash, How it is managed without a clash, Often determines if there was one or not. Many do say it was someone's fault. One enjoyed culminates to a great future, One lost may have a future not too secure. It is not always important, But it will make sure there are remnants, Of the past of course! For our children we have to plan its course.

Original Poem: Time

The only unrecyclable resource of man, Once gone, forever lost. Its investors are winners, Its spendthrifts are losers. Enemy to many. Friend to few. It waits for no one, But flies away when you're not watching!

Original Poem: Ignorance

Capable of wiping out a generation, The world's deadliest disease. The cure is not in medicine, The antidote is knowledge. While it makes you weak and helpless, Knowledge gives you power (all be it latent). While it keeps you in chains mentally, Knowledge takes the limit of.

Original Poem: Failure

Hated by losers, Loved by champions. It runs from those who understand it, And clings to those who hate it. Its original intent is to be a teacher, But many has made it an undertaker.

Original Poem: Money

Loved by many,  Sought after by many, Paid for by few, Found by few, Used by few, Loves the few.

Original Poem: LIFE

A wonderful experience for some, A tale of woes for others. Equal is the time given to all, Unequal is how much spent. Starting point is common to all, Finishing line varies incredibly. All who reach the finishing line are called winners, The few quitters are called losers. No choice is given to coming and going, But you have to choose How you go through it.

Managing Resources with Archaic Devices

For a period of about ten months many years ago, I started and ran an online business with a Nokia 2626 (pictured in this post). How? It had the capacity to store about three thousand text messages and internet-enabled. I used it to search for clients on Facebook , sent emails and did research on the internet through Google and Wikipedia mostly. The beauty was that the recipients of the messages I sent from the phone had no idea which device it was sent from. All that mattered then was that I was meeting needs, solving problems for them. Most of the remarkable designs I have created over the years were done on computers that can best qualify as archaic, but they got the job done. For many years, I could not afford a laptop computer, so I got a Pentium 2 desktop computer. It was not the ideal design tool, but it was an upgrade in the Pentium 1 desktop computer my dad had bought from a friend years earlier and I had spent well over 500 hours (including all-nights) using it. Looking

Original Song - Zoned Out

This one song means a lot to me because just like David in the Bible, I was down and out. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email.   Inspiration   This is the lowest I have ever been in my whole life, I had just lost my life coach, he was 33 years old. He was the closest person I had ever lost in my short life. Quite a number of folks have died in my extended family, but I wasn't close to any of them. His passing really shook me to my foundations and I had no idea how to deal. I was numb for weeks and just tuned out of my life, I became a spectator watching movies as a form of distraction for a couple of weeks. By the following month, it started dawning on me that he was indeed gone and not coming back, I miss him every single day. I finally turned to The Holy Spirit to help me, even though He had been my rock and fortress, then it became a bit easier to bear. I moved back int

Original Song - Free

I wrote this song recently, decided to title it Free. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. Inspiration   This is the summary of my life, I have a very graphic imagination and as such, ghosts from my past still come to haunt me and I struggled for years because I would be caught in the snare every single time. But when I surrendered to His Love, I have the strength to withstand and say no. Moreover, He took away the craving for sin and it became much easier to withstand the fiery darts in my mind. The renewal process of the mind is not an easy journey, since I didn't put the junks in my mind in one day, it will take much more time to get rid of the junk. FREE I've got flashbacks Seeing faces I thought I'd escaped from Why this lingering? Like a stalking shadow Can I ever be free? In the deepest part of memory bank In the farthest part of memory lane

SCWC Theme Song - I Can Wait

Still searching for a singer who will add melody to this anthem. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email.   Inspiration   I have this dream to promote sexual chastity among young folks and during my 2nd extra in the university, I planned a program with the name, printed the handbills, planned everything but the program never held. I still have the fire burning in my heart though, and this is the theme song which is like a pledge or an anthem if you will. I CAN WAIT (Sex Can Wait Campaign - Theme Song) I can wait, I can wait The pleasures first, brings pressures later I'd rather wait, till my time comes I can wait, I can wait Taking the pain now, guarantees much gain later It pays to wait, 'til your time comes

Original Song - Redemption Song

This is the Redemption Song. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email.   Inspiration   This is an appreciation of the sacrifice that Jesus made on my behalf on the cross, and a declaration of my decision to be in tandem with Him. Even though I wandered into sin because of its enticement, and I was ensnared in the process, His Love sought me out and in the darkest of my hours, Love shone through. REDEMPTION SONG I heard your call from far away Little did I know that I've wandered Far away from whence I came Your Love against all odds and evens Filtered through the nooks and crannies Of this sin-ridden and broken world And through the brick and mortar Of my stony heart so cold It's hard to let go of my lifestyle With its grip on me so strong and unrelenting It's pleasure enticing and promising Your Love showed me how temporary All the cares

Original Song - Wretched

I called this song Wretched. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. Inspiration   This is a confession of sorts, declaring my absolute dependence on God and based on past experiences, He always pulls through, even when I feel He is running behind schedule. WRETCHED What a wretch I am without you Looking for what exists in you elsewhere No wonder I keep reaching deadends And becoming more wretched by the day I seem to make a headway But realize too quickly it's a false start Cos without you at the helm of affairs My life has just one definition- wretched!

Original Song - Bliss

This is titled Bliss, and I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless mankind. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. Inspiration   This is one of those times in my life that I had a blossoming relationship with my Father and we commune well, this thought came when I was thinking about all the suffering in the world and how overwhelming it all seemed. I appear to be insulated from all the stress and suffering, so, I 'selfishly' want to stay with Him and not go anywhere, but then in my thoughts, I couldn't help but notice the sufferings out there. it was around that season that I was praying that God should help me so that what breaks His heart would break mine, what moved Him would move me. BLISS It's bliss here Lord Can we stay here forever It would be a lifetime of bliss Never losing sight of you for a moment Chorus It's bliss bliss bliss bliss with you here always It's bliss bliss bl

Original Song - Cynical

This is the lyrics of a song that I wrote a while back, decided to title it Cynical. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. Inspiration There have been some low points in my life that I battled with depression, and this period was one of such. I was in the middle of my 'extra year' in the university, was working part-time with a publishing house, and was barely keeping it together. That distorted my view of the world dynamics a little. When I put pen to paper, this is what I came up with. CYNICAL I have become Cynical With all I've been through Though your Love has been there all along I've chosen not to be thankful anymore I hardly ever look forward To the time we've always shared Now I see the light, I change my ways Am pushing aside my busyness to be with you I remember the season When all I had is your Love But so many distractions

Creating My Logo 2

Please pay close attention to the progression of the thought pattern, the colors were the last things to be determined. Getting the right combination of shapes was everything- well almost. A friend of mine Olumide Ayorinde  worked on a couple of the slides and it kept on for weeks. As the doodling went on on the sheet of paper in the last post, the same way it went on the computer. However, by the second to the last slide, it became obvious which one is the winner. I did settle for the fourth to the last slide a couple of weeks before the idea for the last slide came through. It was settled, definitely a winner any day. The colors were a representation of my personality type, I took the test on  CareerPath  and it was spot on! 1  2  3 4  5  6  7  8  9  10 

Creating My Logo

I intentionally kept the original sizes of these images so you can see the 3 months worth of work that went into the creation of the final logo. You will see my doodling and the ones you see that are similar are times when I spent too long mulling it over in my mind. Usually, I would abandon it and for days will not think about it, not consciously anyway. Occasionally, I would get an idea and start doodling again, and then I moved it all to my computer. You will see the thought processes on the computer in another post.

PCFix on Radio 24Feb2012 - Audio

PCFix on Radio is a Technology Program that airs on Radio Continental 102.3FM in Lagos and South-Western Nigeria on Fridays by 11am. Your Host Spirit and His panel of IT Professionals are taking a look at the Cashless policy that goes into effect by April 1st, 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria. Lastly, the Opera browser is reviewed with pros and cons discussed. This is coming in a series that has been on going on Web Browsers for computers.

PCFix on Radio 17Feb2012 - Audio

PCFix on Radio is a Technology Program that airs on Radio Continental 102.3FM in Lagos and South-Western Nigeria on Fridays by 11am. Your Host Spirit and His panel of IT Professionals are taking a look at the Cashless policy that goes into effect by April 1st, 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria. Lastly, the Opera browser is reviewed with pros and cons discussed. This is coming in a series that has been on going on Web Browsers for computers.

Proof of the Fire (Audio)

God. Fact or Fiction?

I have no children yet, but my heart is heavy for them and I do not want them to meet the decay, moral erosion and godlessness that have overtaken the world we live in. I have chosen to make a difference in this world, one person at a time; by showing love, being honest (with God, others, and myself) and living my life with others in mind. If you are reading this and you do not believe in a higher power, I am glad to let you know there is and while you cannot see Him with your physical eyes or with your other senses, you cannot deny His existence. All things going on in this world have a purpose and either we understand or not does not disprove the fact- God exists and He has our best interest at heart. Yes, He has a heart. We were created after His likeness in the first place. So, if you're wondering what God looks like, take a good look at the person next to you. The sheer diversity and variety in the world, as dizzying as the numbers are, they confirm without argument t

Where are Our Values

As we grow up in our human interactions, our roles change ever so slightly. Once, we looked up to the people ahead of us and all we wanted was to be like them; we were like sponges soaking both the said and unsaid. Observing people with relative influence over our lives and mimicking their every move, long before we knew what was wrong or right. Our underdeveloped sense of morality was the definition of our innocence and made us gullible and susceptible to suggestions and manipulations. Fast forward a couple of decades and we are back to where we started from. Now we know our right from left but the influences over our lives in those formative years have made indelible marks on our minds. An old saying goes thus 'what goes into a mind, comes out in a life'. Now we see and interact with the world through the colored glass of our past. Our sense of morality are sometimes skewed and lopsided that we end up with dysfunctional relationships. What is right? What is wrong? The fin

Our Inadequate Five Senses

If God says no to something, He means no! If someone says yes to what God says no to, that makes them a rebel. A rebel is an enemy of God, because a house divided against itself will not stand. If you are in agreement with an enemy of God, what does that make you? All in the name of tolerance, what God has called an abomination, we call it divergent views! Our rationalizations can never make us right and God wrong. We make excuses for everything, just to make it right in out own eyes. What a pity! God does not mince words when it comes to sin, He is unequivocal in stating His absolute intolerance for sin. In the same vein, He is crystal clear on the magnanimity of His love for us all. Since there is no one that deserves or has the right to God's Love, it makes us all Sinners who have been showered with boundless love by a Father who longs to fellowship with us once again. Back to the previous, what we call civilization is turning out to be our greatest undoing yet. We huma