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A Talkative. A Writer

I remember God saying to me ' I have given you a mouth and a hand ', hence outlining the location of my gifts and what I would use to make a difference in the world. Then, I heard ' where your hand and mouth is, there your money is ', hence defining my career path. I have a lot to do in the media, to spread the message of change, God's Truth which is able to build up, reproof, correct, convict, edify and encourage. It is up to us as individuals to make His Word final authority over our lives, only then will we experience the transforming power and it will happen over time. All true change will first happen within us, before it becomes evident to folks around us.

Destination Where?

It is a well known fact that those who don't know where to go will naturally follow someone who knows where to go, or at least, someone who appears to know where to go. You think you own your life, that you can do whatever you like, that you are accountable to no one, that you are the judge of your own life? Think Again! For instance, it is so easy for you to think like that if you believe that you came to earth by chance. Thinking that your father's sperm and your mother's egg came together and formed you is a very good excuse to live anyhow you deem fit. It is easier to believe that you came to earth by chance and that there is no life after death isn't it? My question is this, would you prefer to live and believe that there is life after death then discover that there is none, or would you want to live and believe that there is no life after death only to be shocked there is? We are not accidents on earth, we are on a mission and the plan is with the one who

Face your Book

Growing up, this was what my parents drilled into my thick skull, literally. Twenty-five years later, it turned out that the educational sector is a mold, a one-size-fits-all system. That is a bummer because there will always be those who do not fit into the mold. Sad to say, most of those poor souls have been labeled "Drop Outs", "Dull", "Stupid", "Olodo" and worse. I discovered that not everyone learns v ia the traditional 'teacher droning on and on about theoretical facts from eons ago', some are wired to explore, discover and learn at their own pace. If you are one of such, welcome to the club. Find where/what you are good at, then stay there; very soon, you will have what to share with the rest of those who fit the mold.

Planning or Wishing

When there is no clear-cut plan, the people run wild. That is a perfect analogy of the situation of our environment. We've had all sorts of vague visions, 2000, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2030. You don't just pick a date and sing 'kumbayah' hoping everything will work out. What are the yearly goals, quarterly goals with which we will measure our progress? Unless we break down and put names (to be held accountable) all the violence and cluelessness will not end. Planning works, hence the saying; failing to plan is a wonderful plan to fail.

Brain Picking

Brain Drain? We waste so much of our Human Resources simply because we are fortunate (or is it unfortunate) to have a huge variety of Natural Resources, we engorge ourselves in the produce of the planet and neglect, lay fallow the most important of resources--The Human Mind. A country like Switzerland cannot boast of 1% of the resources found in Nigeria but Nigeria cannot boast of 1% of the wealth and standard of living of the Swiss. Until we place a premium of Human Capital Development, we will continue to dance around this mountain, subsidy, electricity, minimum wage, et al.

Desperate Job Snipers

Our educational institutions are churning out hundreds of thousands of desperate job hunters that are ready to carry on the tradition of the nine-to-five, thirty-days-make-a-pay mindset. Nothing wrong with that, except that when it is all that they have been taught, it is dangerous. The labor market only has a few slots that ensures about 5% of them get employed in the first year after graduation; the brightest among them that is; the whole process is so skewed and amoebic that folks end up doing jobs they have absolutely no knowledge about. This means the hiring company would have to spend precious money and time to train and equip with the relevant skill set. Solution, know what you are good at and develop it, then you have something to add to the system.

Getting or Keeping a Job

There is a huge difference between getting a job and keeping a job. We are grilled by the educational system for the former alone, and left to stumble upon the latter on our own. The first recipe for getting frustrated and staying frustrated is being stuck in a job you do not enjoy doing. If you are gonna be stuck somewhere for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, you can as well let it be something you enjoy doing. The more you do what you love, the more you improv e on it, the more you are likely to find better ways of doing the job and more, but on the reverse, the more you cannot wait for the closing period and just go through the motions only to get the pay and live a sad, miserable life. By the way, like the educational sector, not everyone is cut-out for the traditional office-behind-a-desk job, some are field folks. Find your place and stay there, only then will you appreciate in value.

Where are the Trust-worthy Folks

Until we run the marauders out of office, we will continue to hear billions and trillions allocated and relocated but not appropriated. Those who have been faithful in little matters, who have proven themselves to be trustworthy and people of integrity, those are the ones fit for the palace. Those who have personally dealt with greed and have come out unscathed. Who says Arab spring is far away? Think again! Just a little while longer; you can deceive some of the people some of the time, but you cannot deceive all of the people all of the time! Time's Up. Who Am I? I am a Nigerian, and I am fed up with the spineless leadership plaguing my country. Do I want to be the president? Absolutely Not! But I want my president to be a person (man/woman) of His/her Word (I know there is a famine of that around here).

Thrashed Dreams

This is a depiction of the Hopes and Dreams of the average young person in Nigeria who has been sold the lie that all you need is a degree and you will get a good job, settle down and rear children. The entire system is so lopsided and grossly out-dated that one wonders what we would have been like had the internet not opened us up to the whole world digitally. All great economies of the world were built not on job-seeking desperadoes, but on problem-solving young minds as we ll as some old but adaptive minds as well. My message to you this season is that you take charge of your life, the educational system will ruin your life, ask the hundreds of thousands of graduates who spent 4+x years in school for whatever it was they went in to study. The Solution? Find what you are good at, then sharpen it! The world is in need of specialists, Nigeria especially is in dire need. We have jack of all trades and master of absolutely nothing. ' So so and sons Nigeria Limited, importer, export


Accountability! A word so foreign to our culture that our natural instinct is to fight the originator of the idea. Alas, it is the secret of all the great economies of the world, yes, including the ones that are crashing presently. When we live our lives as though we will be held responsible, liable, then, we are more likely to think twice before making decisions. That is the same way it should transcend to governance, but it has to start from the Home. What are you teaching  your children? They will imbibe it and tomorrow when they become class captains in school, they will act based on what they learned at home. All the political office holders misbehaving all over the country now are proof that there was a gaping hole left by the absence of Accountability culture. That is why a Governor would wake up one day and appoint an 18 year old as a Commissioner for his state. Don't get me wrong, unless she is Marie Curie, Mother Theresa, or Princess Dianna, I say it is because Nobody i

My Occupy Nigeria Interview

Here is an interview I just had on why I am protesting.  L: Why are you protesting the subsidy removal? A: It is not just about that, it is about cutting government waste. Subsidy is not the issue, it was just the trigger to avenge all of the injustices of the ruling class for over 12years. I am protesting the N3m daily feeding allowance L: Ok A: I am protesting the payment of bogus allowances  to idle, empty-headed, clueless legisla-thieves who earn more than the president of america and yet do not do up to 10% of the work of a mayor in the US L: Hmmn A: I am protesting for my children who will grow up in this country, so that they will find it better than we did L: Good A: I am protesting for those who cannot stand up for themselves, these marauders will ruin us if we continue to fold our arms L: Now i understand. Hmmm. True A: If you have a boss who tells you that he doesn't know what is happening to the company generator, that the people there are chopping the fuel money, and

Whose is the Power

People dey vex o, why aren't we in bed? Signs of the level of frustration Nigerians have been made to endure. No more! Away with squanderers who have never managed N1m successfully and suddenly finds N1tr at their disposal. Plug the bleeding jugular of Nigeria's economy, then the economy will recover. All you so-called CABALS, we the people are coming for you. Even your family members who are 'cho pping' the wealth of Nigerians with you will turn against you by the time we are through with you. You can deceive some of the people some of the time, but you can never deceive all of the people all of the time. Fellow Nigerians, please keep the momentum going, they calculated we will never get on the streets, they were wrong; they calculated we will tire after a couple of days and go back to work, they are wrong! Now they say no work no salary, let's see who will blink first. Again I say, AWAY with a WASTEFUL bunch of clueless folks who don't get it that the power


We were all raised to be critics and we have so much perfected the art that we have this knack to be judgmental before giving the benefit of the doubt. I would like for all of us to think twice before we get a-typing because it seems its very easy to clank away at the keyboard than it is to voice out our criticism (constructive and/or destructive). My Fellow Nigerians, it has been an explosive sta rt to the year 2012, respects to our fallen comrades, but we will #occupynigeria until we effect the necessary changes not only in the leadership, but also in the foundations of our nation. Love is the answer, and like the saying goes, it starts in the home. Emotionally healthy children from the home, will make secured and proud citizens which is the fabric of developed societies. Let's look inwards and do our bit to make ourselves into model citizens. We are on course, Lots of Love.

How Much Time?

A butterfly doesn't get to ask for more time. 11days is all it has and its got to make it count. Each and every butterfly don't eventually get the credit, but without these dedicated and remarkable creatures, humans would definitely be on the road to extinction. Butterflies rollincte our plants as they feed from one to another. We adore their beauty and they have inspired more than one of our inventions. Daily, millions, if not billions of butterflies cease to exist on earth but we hardly feel their absence because they have prepared replacements for themselves and the new SET take up the assignment without so much as a hitch because their predecessors have their ALL and set a good precedence for the coming generation- 11days later- thats like a lifetime- for which it actually is. Our world will be a better place to live in if each and everyone of us can do our little quota to make life better for the other person. Life is Short, make it count!

Have You Been To School

Man was not made for the School, but the School was made for man. Why then is the School allowed to determine the course of a man's life? Now it appears that whoever cannot fit into the mould of the school system is stigmatized, but it should not be so! Those who do not thrive in the school system can thrive elsewhere especially in vocations, crafts and numerous other fields. The formal education system should not be overly exalted as the only form of education because non-formal education has the same role to play in the mental development of the populace. The tide needs to be turned so that people can be educated in their area of strengths, then will we have true scholars recognized as a result of sharpened natural abilities for the benefit of humanity. I have been through the system and it found no place for me; I therefore take it upon myself to create a place for generations yet unborn so that they lay not to waste as the generation before have been. Education is from the gr


Our world is governed by the insatiable craving for the visual confirmation of anything called Certificate. We get certificate for almost anything. We get birth certificate, first school leaving certificate, west african senior secondary certificate, professional certificate, wedding certificate, other certificates, and ultimately, we get (or someone gets it on our behalf) the death certificate!


Why does an artist paint, a musician play, or an author write? Because they are overflowing with ideas and must express them. Creativity is the overflow of a full heart and mind. But sometimes we're empty—or full of the wrong material. How can we be full of the beauty that will spill out in wonderful visions, sounds, words and movements? Take time to know God—the author of all creativity. Take time to soak up all that is beautiful. Take time to think. As your inner wells fill up, you can be sure that the creativity will soon be flowing out of your life in productive ways.

Life is Short, Play Naked

Life is naked (like that cartoon potrayed).  "Do what you gotta do, when you gotta do it, for you will not always have the time to do it"....akin ibitoye. Today we are, tomorrow we are gone. Some leave their footprints in the sands of time and the desert winds ensure they are covered up and forgotten while others leave their footprints in the hearts of men and are never forgotten because their impact is passed from generation to generation. I choose the later because, once I am six feet under, the only relevance of my life will be seen in the lives that have become better just because our paths crossed in this lifetime. A world shaker is someone who influences the next person to make a positive decision, because series of positive decisions ultimately lead to a good life and has the potential of birthing other good lives. I AM A WORLD SHAKER

LIFE; A Brief

Lord, what is happening to me? I feel so numb and I don't understand. Is this feeling okay? What is the whole point if we live just to die? Why does it have to be now, and not decades later? What is the essence of life? What is the meaning of this brief stay on this side of eternity? I see folks with swollen red eyes, and others with dry eyes but pious looks on their faces and can't help but wonder what if... Where shall we go from here? How shall we prevent further occurence or are we doomed to suffer the same fate? Sons die, daughters die, fathers die, mothers die, young ones die, aged folks die, wives die, husbands too. The order in which they die however is not known by anyone but by God. This brings me back to my already futile quest-knowing the point of it all... We live, we die.Why is it that we don't really respond or show up to our folks when good things happen to them? Seems to me like we have taken those good things for granted because they happen every now and

White. Black. Grey.

Unless I and some people take action, our generation will look back some 10-15 years from now and wish we could turn back the hands of time to make changes-like speaking up in the face of injustice, corruption, sexual perverseness, media misuse, entertainment misappropriation, education diarrhoea and the like.If we who know better (to a certain extent) do not open our mouth to teach those who are naive-emotionally, financially, spiritually, educationally, we will ultimately end up with heart-broken, bitter, single mothers who are broke, clueless, with absolutely no skill, who don't know God for themselves and one way or the other just practically floated through institution of higher learning to obtain a degree.We all crave love and acceptance, unfortunately, the women-folk fall prey most times to the wiles of mobile testosterone tanks called 'men'. The media played a major part in our developmental years and since then, we have bought into the lie of the 'beer ads

For How Much?

An employed graduate in the US (after spending  three and a half years in school) earns $15/hr or N2,400/hr. He works for 8hrs a day which gives $120/day or N18,000/day. With a 5-day work week, that translates to $2,400/month or N360,000/month. In sharp contrast, his Nigerian counterpart (after spending 4+x years in school, where 'x' represents strike, or other factors that causes the school or the entire educational sector to grind to a halt) earns less than a quarter per hour. That is like N600 per hour or N4,800 per day, which translate to N96,000 per month. It is worthy of note that this is very rare and the pervasive reality is that over 80% of graduates earn less than half of that amount per month, with most of them grateful for having a take-home of between N40,000-N50,000 monthly. The sad truth is that the hourly (perceived) worth of a graduate in this part of the world is between N250-N300 which when converted is between £1 - £1.20 or $1.66 - $2. These

This is a Story about my Mobile Phone Journey

With the boom experienced in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, it was just a matter of time before all and sundry got their hands on a mobile phone. However, in the early years of the boom, the types of phones we used back then are almost unbelievable when we look back now. These phones had almost no features save for the ability to make and receive phone calls, text messages and a few games. They came in various shapes and sizes from various brands hoping to cut their 'teeth' in the emerging market. The first phone I ever used was a Motorola talk-about, then I moved on to a Siemens C35, then on to a Nokia 3410, a Sony Ericsson T630, a Sony Ericsson K700, a Nokia 1600 (it was swiped from my pocket), a Nokia 2626, and now a Nokia 5800. [This post was originally written in September 2010, here is an update.] After the Nokia 5800, I got an LG GW Slide-QWERTY phone, before jumping on the Blackberry train in January of 2011 with a Curve 2 8520. Upgraded to a Curve 3G

Bottled Up

Made a startling discovery in church this morning. It appears that I have been bottling up quite a number of emotions, and the shouting session during the Praise in church provided some sort of a release that I couldn't say no to a second and third lung-filled-with-air screams. It felt so good that I felt like I have been walking around with a huge weight on my heart. Not that I have been consciously worried or anything, but sub-consciously I have been frustrated that thing are not working as fast as I thought they would. Come to think of it, I used to write to ease the tension I feel inside. Not writing in a while means that the pressure has been steadily building up and God help me. I have to keep defusing every now and then so as to keep myself and folks around me safe from the corrosive nature of built up disapointment, anger, and other negative emotions. Thinking instead on things that are good, lovely, good report,virtous, praiseworthy will ensure a more fulfilled life. I l

Good Today. Bad Tomorrow

Once upon a time, there was a man whose horse ran away; the next day, the neighbours came and said to him 'sorry about your horse that ran away'. He answered them and said 'we don't know if its good or bad'. A week later, the horse came back but with two 'unbroken' stallions! The next day, the neighbours said 'congratulations on your horse bringing back two stallions'. He answered them 'we don't know if its good or bad'. A couple of days later, his son broke his leg while trying to 'break' one of the stallions. The next day, the neighbours said 'sorry about your son breaking his leg while trying to ride the stallions'. He answered them 'we don't know if its good or bad'. Later that week, an army general came and drafted all able-bodied young men in the village. This man's son was left out because of his broken leg. The next day, the neighbours were back; they said 'congratulations on your son no

Chronicles of Paul Marcus III (Chapter 2)

That was it! I lost all desire for small talk and idle gossip. I was transfixed on the sheer display of boldness in front of the lecture hall. The thought kept ringing in my mind like a loud gong "why did it have to be a girl?". I couldn't sit still any longer, and just as she had started, it was all over, and she left. I was like glued to my seat but I was restless, vibrating all over.  Then, an idea came to me, "why not go up there and talk?", that scared the living daylight out of me. For the next 18 minutes or so, there was a raging war going on in my head. Fear was winning the battle while I watched helplessly. There was no doubt that I had what to say, motivational talk basically, so my problem was with inertia. Perspiration was at an all-time high in those moments, with sweat oozing from every pore on my dark chocolate skin and my palms too. It was a "now or never" decision moment.  After 34 minutes of inner turmoil that would make the middle-

Chronicles of Paul Marcus II (Chapter 1)

I grew up with a dual personality of some sort, always quiet at home and very chatty, animated, bold even- outside of home, especially at school. I had an insatiable curiosity and read virtually whatever I could find. I had a very graphic imagination and naturally fell in love with comic books, cartoons and story books. I was a very brilliant kid who had no problems academically, at least not yet.  Later on in my teenage years, I discovered my strong affinity for imparting knowledge through teaching. In my last year of high school, I tutored some junior classes, and sometimes my classmates. The more I taught, the more I wanted to keep at it. I ended up doing just that for about a year until after graduation.  So, in my freshman year in college, it was a whole new experience for me and the fear of uncertainty snuffed out whatever confidence I had left. I wanted to talk to my classmates so bad that I had to ease the pressure by chatting away idly with my small group of friends. This co

Chronicles of Paul Marcus I (Prologue)

She walked into the lecture hall and mounted the platform, faced the over 200 students chatting away, passing the time until the next lecturer shows up. With all the authority in her voice captured the attention of the whole assembly for a little over 20 seconds and lost about half of them after stating that she came to talk to them about the salvation of their souls.  I was stunned, dumb-founded, lost the pleasure of playing, chatting and gossiping with my friends. All that kept ringing in my mind was- a girl?! Of all people, why did it have to be a girl? You see, to understand my bewilderment, we have to go back to the beginning of the story. You interested?

Stand for Something, or Fall for Anything

If you and I do not stand for something, we will most definitely fall for anything. All in the name of civilization, rights and freedom, we have thrown away real Family values. When we become high and mighty in our thinking, we reason that the manufacturer didn't really know what he was doing, so, we pervert the original plan. The result? Chaos! Adam+Eve is not and will never be equal to Adam+Steve. Open up your eyes, and see the warning signs! Our consciences are being numbed by the media, we are bombarded daily on TV shows, Ads, Magazines and subtly, the idea is taking root in our sub-conscious. The creator is not naive, we are; but He gave us free will so that we can choose, He also gave some guidelines on how we can get the best out of the gift He has given us and how to become who He intended for us to be. God did not, I repeat, God did not create anybody imperfect, all things He did, is very good and for a purpose. Most times, we do not understand what His plans a

Quit. Don't Quit.

An object will remain in a state of rest, or continue in a linear motion unless an external force is applied to help it overcome inertia or lethargy. The above is my paraphrase of Isaac Newton's 1st Law of Motion. I have learned over the years that not making a choice is a choice in itself. Many years ago I gained admission into the University to study Physics, though I really wanted to study Computer Engineering. I could have quit then, re-take the entrance exam and keep at it until I have my way, but that didn't happen. Instead, I thought to myself "maybe it is along the same career line". How wrong I was! It turned out that Physics (offered by my school) was more theoretical than the Computer Engineering course I originally entered for. It became obvious to me after the first academic year that I was swimming in the wrong waters. I flunked 40% of all the courses I registered for that year. It was the first time in my life I would fail exams on that scale.

The Tears Flowed Freely

Been almost 10 years since I cried, I mean real tears streaming down my face. Call it 'detached' or whatever you like, I know I have had many opportunities to cry but they never came, became worrisome after about 5 years, and even after losing my coach and lots of family members and failed relationships, tears connived to stay away from my eyes. I was told its normal by a senior colleague, but I knew better. I have removed myself emotionally from everything that could hurt or something close to that, sub-consciously at least. Out of the blues, I was watching a very touching movie yesterday (23rd August 2011) "5th Quarter" and there they were, streaming down my face in torrents, I cried and cried, and I allowed it flow because it was a relief. That movie is the second movie in my lifetime that would draw tears from my eyes! The first was "Mermaid". Why am I writing about the fact that I cried? What's the big deal you might ask? You never know the

The Change We Seek

I am persuaded that Nigeria is changing for the better; it may not be apparent yet, that is because the change is happening one family at a time. It starts with 1 person taking charge of his/her own life and then transmit that victory into another person's life (family member).    The home takes form and like a mold, churns out predefined pieces (well-rounded, emotionally-stable, loving, compassionate humans with a bright outlook to life). The saying that charity starts at home is true, but a house does not equate a home, a home is where you can scratch where it itches. This piece started out as a thought and it has grown on me now.    I want each of us to propagate this saying; Stop complaining about what is not working and Do something about it.My Life is too Small to be the Purpose of my Life; Stewardship is the Essence!